Tips For Designing A Shirt For Your Marching Band Section

If you are in a marching band at your high school or college, there is a good chance that you identify strongly with the section that you are in. You might make jokes about how piccolos and clarinets can never be heard if you play a brass instrument or about how trumpet players are so full of themselves if you play saxophone. This gentle ribbing helps bring your section together and can make you work together more easily. Read More 

Warm-Weather Wear Every Woman Needs In Her Wardrobe

As warmer weather approaches, give your closet a once-over to determine if you are ready for the season! There are a few must-have items that will increase your potential ensembles, as well as create a stylish look all season long. Some warm-weather garments that every woman needs are the following: Your summer underwear. When the season changes, so should your underwear. Trade in the long-johns and leggings of winter for cute boy shorts and bikinis that are more suited to your warm-weather wardrobe. Read More 

Boosting School Team Spirit: Four Fun Ideas

When it comes to building spirit and morale for your athletic teams, there are many different options available. With a bit of creativity, you can give your student athletes more reasons to be proud of their school, their team, and their teammates. Here are just a few fun ideas you can use to build your team's spirit and confidence. Invest In Team Workout Apparel Your team wears uniforms when it competes, but what about when the athletes are practicing or exercising? Read More 

Easy Ways To Bring Your Woman’s Military Fashion Look Together

If you've caught on to the recent design trend that's all about military clothing and attire, you're not alone. Military-themed clothing for ladies is popular on the major runways as well as in small-town America. While many boutiques sell a mix of military-type clothing styles, you can also purchase similar attire at military surplus stores found throughout the country and online. While you embark on perfecting your wardrobe, here are a few easy ways to bring the military look together. Read More