How to Rock a Vintage, Grunge-Inspired Look at Your Next Music Festival

Music festivals are a fun opportunity to express yourself and spend time with others who share your taste in music. Many people spend a lot of time planning their outfits for these festivals. You'll see people dressed in "hipster" and hippie styles, and others who take inspiration from modern art, turning themselves into abstract masterpieces. But if you're a fan of the older grunge rock acts, like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Alice in Chains, you may want to go with more of a grunge-rock look. Here are some tips for creating that outfit.

Consider tie dye.

Tie dye is a good choice for a music festival because it has that laid back rocker look without appearing too harsh. It adds a splash of color to your outfit, which is fitting for the joyful occasion of a music festival, but it still makes a counter-culture statement. Though you could make your own tie dye t-shirt, a better choice is to look for vintage tie dye shirts for sale online. You may find a t-shirt imprinted with a band name or even one that has been signed by bands. After all, tie dye was really common at music festivals a few decades ago when grunge was just making a name for itself.

Go with long, black hair or a wig.

Long, black hair is an essential element in the grunge scene. If you already have long hair, consider using a temporary dye to color it black for the festival. If you have shorter hair, look for a costume wig. Make sure you try it on to ensure it looks realistic before you buy it. If you don't want to wear long hair, a good alternative is to shave just one side of your head -- or have your hair dresser give you a mohawk.

Opt for tight, black pants.

It's easy to find tight, back pants these days, since tapered-leg pants are becoming quite mainstream. Look for a pair made from leather and with many pockets. These were all the rage back in the days of grunge! Find a silver chain to hook to one of the pockets and the belt loop. Accentuate your pants with a studded belt -- also in black, of course. 

Wear combat boots.

Complete your outfit with a pair of black combat boots. The bigger the heels, the better! These can get quite warm during a music festival, so be sure to bring along a pair of sandals to slip on if you need a break.