Six Styling Tips For The Resort Or Your Next Vacation

When you pack for your upcoming vacation, use a few styling tips that can make getting packed and dressed a lot simpler.

Six styling trip-tips are:

1.Comfort is key. It is your vacation, so go with comfortable ensembles, outfits, and apparel. Bring shorts, swimsuits, skirts, and jeans, in addition to any resort pieces that you may want to wear. Things like kimonos, caftans, and sarongs have a strong vacation-vibe but are as comfy as can be!

2.Bring the right fabrics. If you are going somewhere warm, bring breathable, natural fabrics like linen, cotton, and silk. Make sure that the garments you bring are easy-care and won't require special handling during your trip. In fact, some resorts, cruise lines, and hotels prohibit irons or steamers so look for clothing made from wrinkle-free fabrics.

3.Don't forget the accessories. If you want to pack light and get the most versatility from the items you do bring, don't forget to pack plenty of accessories. You can really transform a look with the right necklace, belt, or hat, and these take up a lot less space in your suitcase or luggage.

4.Go light on formal wear. You may be planning a night or two out, so bring something formal but remember: you are on vacation! Go with casual attire that can be spruced-up if needed; don't fill your bag with formal clothing when you likely will be wearing more laid-back ensembles. Furthermore, formal clothing takes up a considerable amount of space in your garment bag or suitcase.

5.Pack a couple of handbags. So many travelers think they can only bring one or two handbags on their try- why? You may want a simple clutch for a night out or your shoulder-bag by the pool; also, you can change the entire look of an outfit with a different bag, so this will get more mileage from your wardrobe.

6.One pair of heels is enough. Definitely pack that pair of cute heels, but don't waste a lot of space in your bag with shoes that are not sensible. If you plan on doing any sightseeing, you will need comfortable flats, wedges, or tennis shoes; also, some outdoor activities, like zip-lining for instance, require closed-toe shoes to participate.

Use these six style tips when planning and shopping for your upcoming vacation or holiday. Remember to go with comfortable clothing made from natural fabrics whenever possible, and skip packing a lot of formal attire that may not get worn. Shop online boutiques to find the perfect resort wear and apparel for your next trip! For more information, contact companies like Sea Lily.