Three Ways To Increase Motivation For Starting And Sticking With A Fitness Routine

If you're like many busy women, you may be currently finding yourself neglecting your physical fitness due to a combination of family and employment obligations. It can be hard to get back onto the fitness bandwagon once you've taken a break from it for awhile - which is why motivations and incentives help. Following are just three of the many ways you can motivate yourself to get moving and keep at it. 

A Luxury Spa Treatment

Reward yourself by staying faithful to a fitness routine for a specified period of time by treating yourself to a luxury spa treatment you've been coveting. This can be anything from a super-relaxing massage to a facial that pampers every pore. You might even want to book a spa weekend when you've reached a particularly pertinent personal best. 

New Activewear Separates

Face it, working out or even going for a walk in the park feels like drudgery when you're wearing shapeless old sweats and an old T-shirt that used to belong to your husband. Consider rewarding yourself with a new piece of activewear for every fitness milestone, or, if you're having trouble drumming up motivation to get your workout rolling on a regular basis, a new activewear wardrobe may be just what you need. 

Also, keep in mind that quality activewear may provide benefits other than psychological ones -- for instance, the right fitness gear can help prevent injuries as well as make you feel more comfortable as you're enjoying your workout. Think of it this way -- if outdoor running or walking is your thing, you'll be less likely to slip and fall or to experience foot pain or discomfort while wearing a pair of shoes specifically designed for your activity of choice. If you like to work out until you build up a good sweat, workout wear, like Nux active women's clothing, that wicks moisture away from your body is going to be far more comfortable than gear that stays soggy. 

Friday Night Fun

Another great way to thank yourself for reaching a fitness goal is to make plans for Friday night fun -- dinner with your partner, a visit to a wine bar, a movie, play, or whatever else gets you relaxed and ready to start the weekend. Many people enjoy finishing out their work week with with an extra intense after-work workout on Friday afternoons, making it the perfect evening to reward themselves with a favorite activity.