Beyond The T-Shirt: Buffalo Bills Apparel Ideas

If you consider yourself a Bills fan, then of course you need some Bills apparel to show your team spirit! A Buffalo Bills t-shirt will do the trick in most cases, but this is not the only choice. There are plenty of other fun apparel choices that you may want to have on hand for days when a t-shirt alone doesn't show enough spirit — or for days when you want to shake things up a bit. Here are a few ideas.

A Bills Beanie

The Buffalo area is known for its harsh winters, and once the snow starts flying, you have to layer so many jackets and coats over your Bills t-shirt that nobody will see it. But do you know what will keep you warm? A Bills beanie certainly will. These hats are great because they'll keep you warm outside, but they're stylish enough to keep wearing once you're inside a building. If you want a more fun, casual look, you can look for a Bills beanie with a pompom on top.

A Bills Necklace

Sometimes you may want to show your Bills spirit, but you may be going into a more formal environment where wearing anything obviously blue and red would be a bit too bold. A Bills necklace is perfect for these occasions. Look for one with a silver chain and a simple, silver Bills emblem. Anyone who looks at your necklace closely will know you're a Bills fan, but the necklace won't call too much attention to itself.

Bills Gloves

Brushing the snow off your car every morning will be a lot more fun with a pair of Bills gloves. As fellow Bills fans drive by and see your cool gloves, they might honk, which will bring some cheer to your morning. If you can find them, opt for waterproof gloves so you can get more use out of them, even on the wettest days.

Bills Compression Socks

Maybe you play sports yourself. Compression socks can be really helpful to wear both when you're working out and when you're recovering from a workout. If you buy a Bills pair, you get to share your Bills spirit with fellow teammates and gym-goers. 

Bills t-shirts are definitely nice to have in your collection, but they are not the only Bills apparel you should own. Flesh out your collection with some of the other items above. Visit an apparel company, such as Buffalo Apparel Company, to find the clothing you want.