Get Your Guy Styled For Spring With These 5 Great Gifts

There are a lot of gift-giving occasions coming up in the spring, like Easter, Father's Day, and perhaps a birthday or anniversary, too. Whether you are celebrating a holiday, or you just want to show some love, consider giving your guy some great, stylish gifts that he can wear this spring and summer.

Get your guy ready for warmer weather with these five gift ideas:

1. Cool Sun Protection Shirts

Men's hooded sun protection shirts in fresh, breathable fabrics are a great gift for any guy that spends time outside. The appeal of these garments is the added UPF protection and overall comfort when wearing them. Furthermore, sun protection clothing helps protect against sunburn, heatstroke, and skin cancer.  

2. Organic Cotton and Bamboo Tees

Crisp, organic cotton T-shirts never go out of style, and they are eco-friendly. If you have never tried organic bamboo, start with a tee shirt or two; the fabric is soft, almost brushed, and luscious. These soft and durable tees make excellent gifts and closet staples for spring and summer.

3. Inventive Belts and Buckles

Think outside the box when it comes to belt buckles; there are contemporary flat belt buckles that serve functions beyond keeping up his pants. For instance, some outdoor living retailers offer survivalist-type belts made from versatile materials like paracord. Buckles may provide a hidden blade or bottle openers; check out online options.

4. Chic Vintage Shades

Another gift that never goes out of style is a pair of sunglasses. By giving this gift, you are protecting the recipient from UV rays, preserving their vision. This year, vintage shades from recognized designers are in style; consider online boutiques and consignment sellers for sunglasses from cool, retro brands.

5. Some New Shoes

If you do not want your guy wearing sandals with socks, you may need to intervene with some great warm-weather footwear, like a versatile pair of boat shoes or driving moccasins. These are easy to wear and resilient around water. If your guy is not the type to wear shoes at all, consider gifting him a great pair of comfy thong-style sandals or flip-flops to protect his feet.

Use these gift ideas to show some love to a special guy this spring — and keep them styled all season long. Consider online sites and retailers for a wide selection and easy access to men's gifts, including sun protection clothing and quality men's apparel.