Are You Jazzing Up Your Wardrobe?

Do you feel like your clothes are a bit outdated and even boring? Perhaps you have been looking in store windows while you are walking the mall for your daily exercise routine. Seeing modern urban clothes in the store windows might have inspired you to jazz up your own wardrobe, especially with holiday festivities right around the corner. If that's the case, from selecting great party clothes to buying hooded jackets, here are some ideas that might help you.

Buy Fancy Urban Clothing - Keeping in mind that you are shopping for some of the fancier events you'll be attending during the holidays, consider buying urban clothing in the way of dressy dresses. For example, select a mini dress in a colorful geometric pattern. Add spike heels that are the same color as one of the colors in the geometric design. Now buy elegant chandelier earrings and bangle bracelets of the same color as your high heels to complete the look.

Another idea for an elegant event is to select a long black skirt that you can pair with different tops. That will certainly invite many fashion opportunities, right? For example, you could wear the long black skirt with a long red silk tunic for a Christmas party. Then pair the black skirt with a sequined v-neck blouse for a New Year's Eve event. Elegant black flats would be great with a long black skirt and any top you choose to wear with it. 

Buy Casual Urban Clothing - While life isn't always about going to parties, if you're wanting to jazz up your wardrobe you will probably be ready for casual parties that are even unexpected. For example, buy a hooded jacket that has sequins as part of the design. Do you have a favorite musical entertainer? If so, you'll probably find him or her featured on things like urban long-sleeved T-shirts.

Another idea for a hooded jacket would be to buy a denim sleeveless one and then wear it over a halter top. Since it will more than likely be cold outside, wear both of the hooded jackets and even put both of the hoods on. The contrasting colors of the two hooded jackets will add drama to your look. Buy sequined play shoes or casual tennis type shoes that have colorful shoe laces instead of regular ones. Or, buy sequined play shoes and use the colorful shoe laces with them. That would for sure give you a unique look.