3 Tips For The Perfect Wedding Dress On A Budget

When you are planning your wedding, you likely gaze at wedding dresses that are well outside of your price range. Just because you cannot afford thousands of dollars on your ideal dress does not mean you cannot achieve the dress of your dreams within your budget.

1. Start With The General Fit

There are many inexpensive dresses online, but it is not advisable to purchase your dress online simply because you do not always have a good idea of the fabric and fit. It is much easier to determine which dress will be in the "ballpark" of the right dress if you try it on in person. Since it is almost impossible to find a dress that fits perfectly, aim for one that is slightly larger than you need.

This means you may need to work around the largest part of your body, such as a large bust or midsection. It is much easier to have the dress altered to conform to smaller areas of your body than to try and add fabric. One of the easiest dresses to alter later are ones that are sleeveless and A-line.

2. Manipulate The Style

Starting with an inexpensive, basic silhouette means more of your dress budget goes into the customization you want. For example, many women are uncomfortable with their arms, and it is a fairly simple alteration to add lace sleeves or a matching lace jacket to your dress. Other options you might consider are belting or corseting your dress to give you a better fit. A satin bow around the waist of your dress or a matching lacy corset can drastically change the look of your dress.

The skirt of your dress is another way to change the style. Instead of a traditional ball-gown appearance, you might find a shorter dress that hugs your hips is more flattering. Another option is an asymmetrical skirt. It could be slightly higher in the front to show off your shoes, with a slight fishtail in the back that skims the floor.

3. Add Sparkle

Adding a little glitz to your dress is another easy way to manipulate the look and can make your dress look like it cost thousands of dollars. Talk with the person who will alter your dress about the option to add sew-on crystals. You can choose more expensive Swarovski crystals or affordable options. Just a handful of crystals around the edge of your dress train can look stunning as you walk down the aisle.

Additionally, if there is lace on your dress, especially the bodice, you might want to have the crystals attached strategically to work with the pattern of the lace. Since crystals can be purchased in any number of colors, you might want to add a hint of color that matches your bridesmaid's dresses or other color themes in your wedding.

Fortunately, having the perfect dress does not require going into debt. Starting with a basic dress that has significant potential for alterations will give you the most flexibility. Contact a company like Alterations By Vesna for more information and assistance.