Seven Strategies To Make You Look Better In Your Favorite Suit

You already look and feel good in your favorite suit; want to look great? Pay attention to details that elevate your look and enhance your silhouette when dressing-up in your formal attire

Seven tips to look even-better in your favorite duds are:

1.The right tie. When choosing a tie to wear with your suit, pay attention to the length and width of the accessory. Make sure that it fits the wearer well, hanging just above the waist. Order custom-crafted ties with monograms, initials, or motifs for an added touch of class.

2.A little tailoring. A suit that fits properly will be most-flattering to the wearer; make sure that yours fits like a glove with some custom tailoring. Pay attention to not-only length, but also inseams and cuffs to ensure your best fit. Gained a couple pounds? No worries; many men take their suits to the tailor each spring and fall for minor alterations to make sure they look their best.

3.Something in the pocket. Don't overlook the opportunity to add a bit of class to your suit-jacket with a pocket square. These look like handkerchiefs, but no one will be blowing their nose on these colorful, silk pieces of fabric. Pocket squares provide some visual interest with a print, pattern, or color that complements the pocket, and overall suit.

4.A belt. Keep your pants pulled-up with a well-fitting belt. Opt for neutral colors, nothing too fancy, that doesn't overpower the entire ensemble and that doesn't capture too much attention. Keep all eyes on the man rather than just his waistline.

5.Stylish socks. Nothing ruins the polished look of a man like shoddy socks. Your pant-leg will reveal what socks you are wearing every time that you sit down, so make sure you keep them cohesive, classy, and clean!

6.Coiffed cuffs. Bring a bit of bling to your look with cufflinks. Cufflinks are becoming widely popular again and provide the chance for a man to accessorize subtly. Choose from high-end gold or platinum, or go with something whimsical, such as novelty cufflinks, for fun.

7.Shined shoes. When your shoes peek out from beneath your pant-leg, make sure they are polished and shined. Buff your leather shoes with a brush before and after wearing to maintain a perfectly polished pair.

Make an even-better impression on all you encounter with these seven tips for styling your favorite suit. Visit retailers for custom-crafted ties, accessories, and tailoring for a flattering fit and finished-look. Contact a company like Risley Eleganza for more information and assistance.