How To Plan Your Cold Weather Wardrobe

Are you sad that summer is coming to a close? It was fun to relax, to go on summer vacations and to have less structure in your life. However, if you look on the bright side, think of the fun events that are ahead of you as you plan for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year Day. Also, think about all the great fall clothes you can add to your wardrobe. From buying women's leggings to selecting tops to go with them, here are some ideas on how to plan your cold weather wardrobe.

Do An Inventory Before You Shop - See what you have already that will work for you as you plan your wardrobe for this fall and winter.

  • Go through last year's cold weather wardrobe to see what you can still use this year. Get rid of things you know you won't wear.
  • Think of writing down items you need to shop for. For example, you might have some great long sweaters from last year. Pair them with leggings to give them a special look.
  • Don't forget that lots of your summer clothes can also be used during the cooler months. For example, your nice summer t-shirts will go very nicely with cardigans in complementing colors.
  • Think about things that can be worn for both casual wear and for dressier occasions. For example, your black skirt can be worn with a funky sweater for days spent with the gals. The same black skirt can be paired with a dressy red blouse for a Christmas party.

Shop For Basics - Buy women's leggings!

  • Think of the different ways that you can wear leggings. For instance, they will go with long sweaters on extra cold days. For early fall, when the air is crisp but not that cold yet, the leggings will be perfect with a long cotton tunic.
  • Do you have a dress that's too short for your taste? Try it on with a pair of leggings and you might be surprised at how good that looks.
  • Buy leggings in different colors. Black leggings are a great place to start. But, add colors like brown for your fall sweaters. Red leggings will be really great for the holidays.
  • The great thing about leggings is that you can wear them into the spring months, too. Just add lighter tunics and other tops to give them a spring look.

Think of buying your leggings in a women's boutique. They will carry quality ones that will probably last for a long time.