Warm-Weather Wear Every Woman Needs In Her Wardrobe

As warmer weather approaches, give your closet a once-over to determine if you are ready for the season! There are a few must-have items that will increase your potential ensembles, as well as create a stylish look all season long.

Some warm-weather garments that every woman needs are the following:

Your summer underwear. When the season changes, so should your underwear. Trade in the long-johns and leggings of winter for cute boy shorts and bikinis that are more suited to your warm-weather wardrobe. Remember that your under-garments provide the foundation for whichever outfit you choose to wear, so add new underwear items to your closet seasonally. You can find a variety of undergarments online and from stores such as Ginch Gonch.

A cute tee-shirt dress. For a cute and casual look, invest in at least one tee-shirt dress this season. These come in a wide-range of fabrics, but keep an eye out for easy-to-care-for materials such as cotton, bamboo, or silk. These can be dressed-up or down to fit any occasion.

A silky-soft sarong. Treat yourself to a silky sarong for the warmer seasons. These are widely available in many colors and prints, so look for one that will meld with other elements of your wardrobe. Since these can be worn in many different ways--as a skirt, dress, top, shawl--choose a color-scheme that gives you ample opportunity to mix-and-match.

A warm and snuggly poncho. Get a gorgeous poncho to keep you warm and comfy on chilly nights or when you want to feel at leisure. These are found in many different knits, yarns, and fabrics, for various price-points, but you can also make your own! If you are feeling crafty, check out the many online videos to create a unique and handmade poncho.

Some simple flats. Keep at least one pair of comfy flats to toss in your bag to wear on-the-go. These are an excellent respite for tired or achy feet, so make sure that you have a pair near at all times. Try these on before buying to make sure that they are, in fact, super-comfortable, and that they fit you like a glove.

A great pair of gladiator sandals. Some great gladiator sandals can give any skirt, shorts, or dress an entirely new, edgy look. Plus, these are usually available in various heights, from flat to stiletto, so you can choose what you like to wear.

A replacement for your favorite jeans. Choose a summery alternative to your favorite jeans, such as cropped pants or long shorts in denim. Don't pack your jeans away, but rather give them a rest and pull them out later when the warmer weather is over. This will also make your favorite jeans last you a little longer!

Use these tips when beefing-up your wardrobe and preparing for warmer weather. Visit sites and stores to find the best selections of these--and other--garments, outfits, and accessories to extend and enhance your current closet.