Want to Hide Your Pregnancy from Prying Eyes Just a Bit Longer? What Are Your Best Clothing Options?

If you've recently discovered you're pregnant, you may be experiencing an even greater whirlwind of emotions than other soon-to-be parents. These emotions can be intensified if, for whatever reason, you're reluctant to reveal your pregnancy to friends, family members, and coworkers for a while. If you're slight-framed, it may not be long before your baby belly begins to pop, so focusing on clothing to conceal your growing bump is the key to minimizing nosy questions or inquiring gazes.

Read on for a few modern ideas to modify your wardrobe until you're comfortable letting others in on the impending arrival to your family.


These one-piece outfits have made a roaring comeback recently. Unlike the plain or color-coordinated rompers you may have become accustomed to as a child, today's rompers are designed for both business and casual wear, in everything from pinstripes to denim or flowered cotton. 

These rompers are one-piece, which can make them difficult for the later stages of pregnancy (when it seems you need a bathroom break every few minutes); however, during the early months, rompers can be a great and comfortable way to hide a growing midsection while remaining on trend.

A-Line Dresses and Shirts

Although many tend to avoid A-line dresses and shirts because they have the potential to add a few pounds, newly pregnant women may delight in their stomach-skimming shape. These shirts cut in just under the breasts, creating a flowing line to your hip or knee rather than a more fitted shape. Not only can A-line tops hide your belly, they can also play up your breasts, which are likely to be worthy of showing off during pregnancy.

You may want to schedule your shopping trip for the end of the day; water retention during early pregnancy can mean your size fluctuates nearly constantly, and shopping during your more "bloated" times can help you avoid finding the perfect outfit and then realizing it's just a tad too snug the next time you try it on. Trying on A-line outfits prior to purchase can also help you ensure that they're not defeating their purpose and making you look more pregnant than you actually are.

Bold Necklines

One way to detract attention from your midsection is to draw the eye elsewhere, either through bold patterns or unusual necklines or accessories. You may opt to jazz up your existing tops or dresses with jewelry, scarves, and other inexpensive accessories or invest in a few new tops that are loose-fitting enough to last beyond the first few months of your pregnancy.

Color-blocked tops with black in the center and a bright color above and below your stomach can also be a fashionable and not-too-obvious way to slim your midsection. 

Belly Bands

Often, it may be a week's worth of brand new pants and skirts that draw attention to your condition. While many pregnant women are able to fit into their pre-pregnancy tops for some time, pants may be a different matter. Fortunately, by using a stretchy "belly band" or even an ordinary hair tie looped around your pants button, you should be able to fit into your regular pants for at least another month or two. 

Most belly bands are designed to fit snugly over your pants, obviating the need for you to button or even zip them without leaving you vulnerable to wardrobe malfunctions. From the outside, this band looks like a layered tee or undershirt rather than a maternity pants panel. You can also opt for a black band to blend in seamlessly with your black pants, skirts, or long tops. 

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