Easy Ways To Bring Your Woman’s Military Fashion Look Together

If you've caught on to the recent design trend that's all about military clothing and attire, you're not alone. Military-themed clothing for ladies is popular on the major runways as well as in small-town America. While many boutiques sell a mix of military-type clothing styles, you can also purchase similar attire at military surplus stores found throughout the country and online. While you embark on perfecting your wardrobe, here are a few easy ways to bring the military look together.

Start With Basic Khakis And Army Colors

Beginning with the basic military colors is the best way to build the base for your wardrobe. Army greens ranging from light to dark green offers a good foundation for military clothing. Light-brown khaki pants, as well skirts, are a good way to begin layering military attire. T-shirts with military symbolism and design go good with khaki or light-green camo pants. Green jackets with large buttons and faux medals on the front can complete a look. This is perfect for a casual encounter, or add some patriotic jewelry for more flair and effect. If you're in the military, creating a basic military look makes it easy to pair the look up with your military gear as well.

Match Up With The Right Shoes

When someone thinks of military design and fashion, tall, military or combat boots is one of the first things that comes to mind. These can be found in a variety of colors, but black and traditional brown leather are the most popular. Military footwear is designed to match camo attire as well as clothing with more natural color hues, such as greens and browns. Not every military piece has to be military inspired. Glam the look up by wearing black dress pants, black heels and a black, form-fitting military jacket. Dress it up with a beret and gold accent jewelry.

Don't Forget To Accessorize

Once you have a few outfits put together, now is the time to accessorize and make your look pop! A few things to incorporate into your outfit may include:

  • Dog tags or longer chain necklaces
  • Military-inspired watch
  • Faux medals or military pins
  • Belts
  • Military hats
  • Aviator sunglasses

Mixing and matching several accessories is the best way to tie your look together and make a true fashion statement.

Jackets Are A Must

Wearing something over a plain t-shirt or solid color blouse can help accentuate a military fashion theme. Green jackets ranging from dark, olive green to a true camouflage design help being military awareness to your sense of style. Brown bomber jackets are a great to bring a casual look together. Black leather jackets with epaulets and shoulder straps are very military-inspired and offer a great way to add a more formal appearance to your outfit.

Combining more than one look, as well as accessorizing offers an easy way to experiment with military clothing. Keep mixing and matching looks until you achieve the military style vibe that you're satisfied with. For more ideas, check out a retailer like Bargain Center.