5 Accessories To Make A Tuxedo Jacket More Feminine

Tuxedos were traditionally worn by men. However, it is becoming more popular for women to wear tuxedo jackets as part of their ensemble. A tuxedo jacket can be paired with a skirt, dress, slacks, or jeans to create an androgynous, powerful look. Wearing a tuxedo jacket can make you look more powerful or more flirtatious, depending on how you accessorize the jacket. Below are five accessories that will make your jacket bring out your sleek, feminine characteristics. 

High Heels 

If tuxedo jackets are thought of as strong and masculine, modern high heels counter them by being delicate and feminine. This can balance your look for just the right amount of androgyny. When selecting heels to compliment a tuxedo jacket, consider more delicate styles, such as shoes with thin straps and narrow heels. However, you should make sure that your heels still fit your overall look and that they are comfortable and safe for you to walk in. For example, it may be better to choose a shorter, thicker decorative heel rather than a stiletto if you are not used to walking in stilettos. 

A Long Necklace 

A long but delicate chain will emphasize the neckline of the tuxedo jacket. If you pair it with a low-cut shirt, the necklace will also draw attention to your collar bone and bust, both of which will emphasize your femininity. Consider a chain that tucks into the tuxedo jacket if you plan to wear it closed, or a chain that falls just above the cut of your shirt if you plan to wear the jacket open. 

A Small Scarf

While a long necklace will bring bring the focus down towards your jacket, a small scarf tied around your neck will emphasize the space between your neck and the jacket. This is especially helpful if you are wearing a low neckline and showing some skin. When selecting a scarf, choose something sheer with a pop of color. The sheerness will emphasize your femininity while a bright color will help break up the formality of the tuxedo jacket and will draw attention towards your face. For a daring, head-to-toe look, match the color of your scarf with your shoes. 

Keep in mind that you should select either a long necklace or a small scarf. Avoid pairing the two together, or else your look will appear cluttered. 

Colorful Makeup 

One of the benefits of most tuxedo jackets is that they provide a blank color palette for you to build on. For example, if you choose a black jacket, you will have sharp, crisp lines to start with, but you can complete your look with any color. For a classic look, consider using a saturated red lipstick on your lips and subtle, smokey eye shadow. For a more bold, modern look, consider playing down your lips with a sheer, shimmery gloss and emphasizing your eyes with a bright eye shadow, glitter tears, or colored eye lashes. 

An Elegant Clutch 

The final accessory that is necessary when sporting a tuxedo jacket is an elegant clutch. Avoid any purses or bags that go over your shoulder, as these will interrupt the lines of your jacket. Instead, opt for a small handbag or clutch. Something glittery, elegant, and ornate will help emphasize your femininity while containing your necessities. 

Wearing a tuxedo jacket can be a fun way to express yourself and play with outdated fashion rules. It can be dressed up or dressed down to create a multitude of looks. However, tuxedo jackets depend heavily on the right accessories to create a complete, polished appearance. It is important that you carefully choose the right accessories for your look.