Seven Reasons To Wear Platform Shoes

Are you ready to take your look to a higher level by making a fashion investment in some fancy footwear? If so, consider purchasing platform shoes to heighten your stylish edge. They're versatile, fun, and attractive, and you'll find many occasions to wear them. Following are seven reasons to add a pair or two of platform shoes to your shoe collection.

You're Short

Platform shoes have long been a favorite way for short women to add a bit of height to their look, but in order to make this strategy work to your best advantage, pair your platforms with a  skirt that features an above-the-knee hemline. Wearing shorter skirts creates a larger skin-to-fabric ratio that makes the legs look longer. You can add to the elongated effect by selecting stockings in the same color as your shoes.

You're Tall

The old adage about flaunting what you've got works just as well for tall women as anyone else. Tall women used to line their closets with boring flats in order to appear as short as possible, and it was considered bad manners to wear heels that made you seem taller than your date. Today's tall women walk with pride, so slip on a pair of platforms and take your rightful place. For an extremely striking effect, dress head-to-toe in all one color.

You're Fabulous

Platform shoes have a long history of being worn by fabulous people. Although many people consider them a fashion relic of the 1970s, they've actually been around for centuries. In many cultures, wearing platform shoes was an indication of class and status, and they were even worn in Greece and China to denote prestige among actors in the theater. Fabulous people throughout the ages have been making history while wearing platform shoes. Be one of them!

You're Going Disco Dancing

You know you want to unleash your inner disco queen under the lights and party like it's 1979, so what's stopping you? Strap on those platforms, complete the look with a sparkly halter dress or vibrantly colored hot pants, and hit the dance floor. The 1970s was an era where fantasy and imagination reigned in fashion, so dress your guy in a retro white suit and gold chains and hit the nearest dance floor with a strobe light ball.

You're Going to the Prom

Prom night is your time to shine, so do it in style in a pair of sparkly platforms. Many first-time prom goers put the stress on the dress, but paying proper attention to shoes and accessories provides the polished patina necessary for the finely finished look that prom dressing requires.

You're Getting Married

Who says you have to wear kitten heels or classic pumps when you walk down the aisle? Make a statement while sweeping down the aisle by rocking your platforms on your way to meet your groom in front of the altar. Today's wedding attire is edgy and unique, so wear the shoes that best represent who you are. One of the best reasons to finish off your bridal gear with platforms is that a tall and stately bride looks regal, and who doesn't want to amp her princess factor up as much as possible on her wedding day?

You're Getting Dressed

True platform shoe aficionados really don't need a reason or a special occasion to don their favorite footwear. Wear them when the mood strikes and leave them in the closet when another pair of shoes calls your name. Platforms pair well with a variety of clothing styles from jeans to skater skirts and above-the-knee dresses. Although they complement long pants, leave platforms off in favor of tapered heels or flats when wearing longer skirts.

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