4 Best Shoe Styles To Pair With Designer Lingerie

Take your designer lingerie, like pieces from Lena Style, up a level by choosing the perfect shoes for your outfit. Whether you are wearing sheer baby doll or structured corset lingerie, the right pair of high-heeled shoes will make you look even sexier. Make sure to consider your body type and personality to find shoes that work best for your unique characteristics. Check out the options below for some great ideas.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels give you an inch or two of lift while keeping your foot shape light and delicate. You can find these heels in pointed, rounded or peep toe configurations. Nearly any color from shiny black to matte pink is available from name brand manufacturers across the globe.

The understated, yet powerfully beautiful kitten heels accentuate your form in a number of ways. First of all, it elongates your calves, making you look taller and sleeker. Second, kitten heels tighten up your butt muscles, which firms up your silhouette in a remarkable way. Finally, kitten heels give your posture a boost that goes a long way in defining your feminine form.

Classic Pumps

If you want just one shoe to go with every piece of lingerie in your collection, choose classic pumps. These delicious looking shoes come in nearly any color and style imaginable. At a manageable height of four inches, you can master the walk necessary to exude sexiness after just one wear.

You could fill your closet up with all of the different styles and colors of classic pump heels. Round toed, suede pumps in dark blue look amazing when paired with a full lace gown, while pointy toed, glossy black pumps stand out when worn with a full garter set. Experiment with combining materials, styles and colors to create your desired look.  

Peep Toe Wedges

The strong wedge platform looks a bit more feminine with a peep toe cutout. You can pair strength with beauty by wearing this type of shoe with your lingerie. Delicate straps at the top of the wedge material keep you firmly planted while giving the shoes a dainty accent.

Wedge heights range from kitten to stiletto, which gives you more options than the other shoes on this list. Since wedges are so different from thin heel bases, give yourself some time to practice your signature walk. Make sure to put on your lingerie and walk in front of the mirror to watch how the delicate material sways with each step.

Stiletto Boots

For a sky-high boost, pick up some stunning stiletto boots. The stilettos lift you from four to six inches off the ground at the heel. The boots may reach your ankle or go all the way up your leg to the top of your thigh. Eyelets on the boots create a fierce look unmatched by all of the other shoe options on this list.

If you can walk in them, stilettos do the most for your figure. Your thigh, butt and core muscles will need to stay tight and activated to carry you gracefully across the floor. You must keep your posture in check at all times or hazard looking like you're about to tip over. Practice walking in stilettos of all kinds to perfect the effortless stride needed to pull off this towering look.

Creating A Unique Look

Always try on each shoe style with all of your lingerie items to see how they complement each other. You can use a color wheel to determine if the shoes complement or contrast the tones used for your lingerie.

Practice creating a signature walk that works for your body type and personal style. This process usually entails adding a bit more hip sway and confidence to your normal strut. Although the perfect pairing of lingerie and shoes could suffice, you want to demand attention with every step.